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It’s that time of year again! As we move from fall into the winter months, our skin and hair can suffer from the cold weather, freezing wind and lack of moisture in the air. We’ve come up with a way to battle the winter blues with a homemade skin and hair mask made of natural ingredients that you can find in your own cabinet and a few added spritzes of our Connect formula.  The result is smooth, clean and happy skin and hair!


2 tbsp raw honey (nurturing and antibacterial to skin and helps to strengthen hair)

2 tbsp coconut oil (both moisturizing and antibacterial to skin and keeps hair shiny and strong)

3 tbsp plain yogurt (softens skin and keeps hair smooth and lush)

4 spritzes of Phylia de M Connect Formula

Mix ingredients and apply to hair and face. Sit back, relax, sip a cup of hot tea. One face, leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. For hair, you can leave on for an hour or so. Rinse and enjoy the results!

NOTE: Always be careful when using homemade beauty concoctions and be sure to apply a small amount to skin first, just to be certain you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients!

Phylia Editorial



One of our most potent products, Connect is a blend of Fulphyl – our pure humic-free fulvic acid – healing aloe and tannic acids. As a scalp and hair treatment, Connect’s core ingredients help to detoxify and to encourage cell renewal, not only your hair, but also your skin, on scalp, face and body Connect will work wonders as a facial skin toner and an easy prep for other serums and moisturizers.

Connect can also be used on the face as make-up prep as well, offering an amazing way to prep skin in the morning, providing moist, clean skin, ready for applying base, foundation, blushers and powders. Connect’s active ingredients help to detoxify skin, unclogging pores blocked by sweat and pollution, gently removing dead cells and offering an overall healing and revitalizing of your skin.

After washing face, simply spray a few pumps of Connect onto face or hands, an gently pat dry and add your favorite moisturizer or organic natural healer. You can spray face once again after moisturizing, allowing to dry for a moment before applying make-up for a smooth look and feel.

Transformative, reparative and repairing, Connect can be used in a wide variety of ways on on face, body, nails, brows and let’s not forget – hair as well! Our hair, skin and nails have similar renewal functions and our Phylia line works wonders for all three!

Phylia Editorial


Featuring our core proprietary trifecta formula of aloe, tannic acid and our own pure fulvic acid (known as FULPHYL), CLEAN offers a one-of-a-kind blend of ingredients, the essentials your hair craves. This proprietary mix works together to bring back total hair health – from cells to keratin, nerves to follicles. We’re so proud of this product and so we thought we’d share with you our own personal tips for using CLEAN to it’s best advantage.

While washing your hair may seem like a simple process – the classic ‘lather/rinse/repeat’ method doesn’t bring out the best of CLEAN’s abilities. Instead, we suggest that you use the time in the shower and bath to relax and focus and follow these easy steps for using CLEAN in the most efficient way possible.



Step 1 – Rinse scalp and hair in warm/hot water. Apply CLEAN in the amount that suits your hair’s length and your lather preference.

Step 2 – Thoroughly cleanse – the focus is on the SCALP. Massaging your scalp vigorously with the dull edge of your nails helps to really clean the pore of the follicle, while also stimulating the nerves under the scalp to better absorb the formula. Lather foam gently through hair.

Step 3 – Leave CLEAN in your scalp and hair for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. Use this time to breathe and relax. We recommend a second wash for those with oilier scalps or for those who want to see even better results!  Rinse hair thoroughly and then follow with CONDITION. (Look out for that video tip coming soon!)

Step 4 – After towel drying your scalp and hair, apply CONNECT and/or RECONNECT treatments into your hair and let it absorb for a few minutes before styling. Enjoy!

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As we transition from summer into the colder fall months, this is often a moment when our immune systems are most in jeopardy. But there is a way of fighting off these virus and recovering more quickly. We recommend eating fresh vegetables and autumn fruits and drinking plenty of Fulphly this time of the year – both on it’s own, in soups, salad dressings and mixed with purified water, juices, smoothies and teas.

Below is one of our favorite ways to take Fulphyl, a tea recipe which has proven to be a serious flu fighter, just the thing for anyone wrestling with this year’s crop of viruses. We hope none of you get sick this year, but if you do, make sure to get some solid rest and drink plenty of liquids, including this wonderfully healing mix of Fulphyl. lemon and ginger, honey and spices.

Feel better everyone!

1tbsp Fulphyl

3 or 4 thin slices of fresh organic ginger root
3 tablespoons organic lemon juice, fresh squeezed
2 tablespoons raw organic honey
1/2 teaspoon organic ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon organic ground clove
Cayenne pepper to taste

In a large cup of hot filtered water, steep the sliced ginger. Add the Fulphyl, lemon juice, honey and spices and stir well. Sip slowly, relax and heal.

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As the days grow shorter and colder and crisper and we move into the harvesting season, we want to always keep in mind our Phylia de M. core philosophy – that HEALTHY SOIL is integrally related to HEALTHY BODY.

At Phylia de M, this is one of the key tenets of our science. We know that whether you’re growing herbs in a pot or run a large scale farm, healthy soil means healthy plants and ultimately, a healthier you. As you begin to harvest the season’s plantings and nurture the last of those delicious late bloomers, we suggest adding in a few capfuls of our Fulphyl formula into your garden’s water supply to help your home grown veggies thrive.

Fulphyl helps to activate the naturally occurring nutrients in soil and will subsequently help to enrich the food grown within that soil. Ultimately, Fulphyl yields a harvest with higher nutritional value and bioavailability for your cells to absorb. The result? A delicious, nutritious homegrown harvest… and a happier, healthier you!